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My collection of hand lettering worksheets can be printed or use on the iPad

  • First

    How do I download the printables?

    1. Save the ZIP file on your iPad or computer.

    2. Click the ZIP file to reveal its contents.

  • Second

    How do I use the worksheets on my iPad?

    1. Inside the ZIP file click the Procreate folder.

    2. Click on one of the worksheets

    3. On the top right of the screen select "Open in Procreate"

    Need help? Check out this video tutorial

  • Third

    How do I print and use the worksheets?

    1. Open the ZIP file on your computer or iPad

    2. Inside the folder select "PDF"

    3. Print one of the worksheets

    4. Use your favorite brush pens to trac eover the letters.

    Meed help? Check out this vdieo tutorial ♡

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New to iPad lettering? Check out this video to learn more!