Planner Templates

My planner templates are in PDF format. You may use them on your digital planner or print them and use them on your bullet journal.

  • First

    How do I download the printables?

    1. Save the ZIP file on your iPad or computer.

    2. Click the ZIP file to reveal its contents.

  • Second

    How do I use the printables on my digital planner?

    1. Save the prinables on your iPad

    2. Open your digital planner in Keynote

    3. Drag and drop the printables into the Keynote app

    Need help? Check out this tutorial

  • Third

    How do I resize the printables?

    I know everyone uses a different planner, please follow the instructions on this tutorial to learn how to resize and print my templates.

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Need help? Please watch the video below to learn more about digitlal planning



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