Halloween & Fall Digital Planner Stickers


It’s that time of the year! We start decorating our homes with pumpkin-scented candles and all those cozy and lovely autumn decorations. Don’t forget about your planner – it deserves a makeover, a new style, and an elegant touch of Halloween-fall love! πŸπŸŽƒ

Now, here’s the scoop: Neon Stickers! They’re the secret sauce to jazzing up those empty planner pages with some spooktacular Halloween and fall vibes. Let’s give your planner that extra oomph it’s been craving! 🌟

11 neon stickers in 6 colors: pink, green, black, purple, orange, and yellow!

  • Witch hat
  • Bats
  • Spell books
  • Cats
  • Moons
  • Cauldron
  • Wine glass
  • Ghosts
  • Spiders
  • Spider Webs
  • Black and White Fences

10 Charming Fall Stickers:

  • Dry crunchy leaves
  • An adorable pumpkin
  • A chestnut
  • 2 sets of string lights: these will add that cozy, late-night autumn ambiance to your planner. Perfect for setting the mood! πŸŒΌπŸ‚πŸ€Ž

Did I mention this planner also includes editable stickers? Yup! Change the color to match your theme

  • 10 editable washi tapes, you get to choose how they look on your planner!
  • An editable sweater + coffee cup for that personal touch

The neon and fall stickers are in a PNG format. You may use them on the GoodNotes, Noteself, Notability, and Keynote apps.

The editable stickers are in a Keynote format, you will need the Keynote app to edit them.

  1. Save the ZIP file on the files app.
  2. Click on the ZIP file
  3. You will get 2 folders a Keynote folder and a PNG folder.
  4. Open your planner, drag and drop the PNG stickers into the planner! Use the crop tool to get a specific color.

Need help? Check out this video tutorial πŸ’•

Why use a digital Stickers?


With a digital planner, you can easily carry your notes or plans with you wherever you go, without the need to carry a physical notebook or planner. You can also easily make changes, add notes, and organize your digital notes with just a few clicks.


A digital planner provides a centralized location for all your notes, tasks, and events. You can easily categorize and prioritize your items, making it easier to stay on top of your schedule and to-do list.


Digital planners often come with a range of customization options, allowing you to choose your preferred layout, color schemes, and even add stickers or images. This can help make your planner more appealing and engaging to use, which can in turn increase your productivity and motivation!

Picture this…

You are curled up in the corner of your favorite sofa. The lamp behind you has the perfect amount of warm light. Besides you, a warm pumpkin spice latte awaits and a scented candle fills the room with the delightful essence of apple and autumn. It’s that magical moment when you’re all set to turn your planner into a captivating canvas of Halloween and fall magic! πŸ€Žβ˜•οΈπŸ‚βœ¨βœπŸΌ

  • Drag and drop your favorite neon stickers on your brand new spread
  • Add a chic touch to your monthly spread with colorful washi tapes
  • All your favorite spreads and stickers in one place!
woman holding ipad pro

I’m ready to change my life with this product.

Ready to see the magic? ✨

Watch the full video in my Youtube channel

Frequently Asked Questions

Think of a notebook inside your iPad. On this digital notebook, you can draw on the pages, type text, add images, and edit the planner any way you like!

Digital stickers are images that decorate your notebook. You can put them anywhere on the page, resize them, rotate them, and draw on top of them.

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Nope! You may use any pen or stylus. You may also use any iPad as long as you are able to install the Keynote app (it’s free!).

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